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Clinical Benefits

ClearFlow’s suite of active clearance technologies have shown excellent results both in terms of real-world performance data and in multiple peer-reviewed published clinical trials. The most recent clinical evidence of PleuraFlow ACT vs conventional chest tubes have shown statistically significant decreases in Length of Stay (LOS), Take Backs, and Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS).


1 Day

LOS 20


Take Backs 21


RBS 16


Trusted in Top Cardiac Institutions

“I am convinced that blood orphaned in the thoracic space after cardiac surgery can cause not only the acute problems we all see, but also more pernicious and chronic inflammatory consequences that affect many organs detrimentally. It is vital that chest drain patency is maintained in the first 24 hours after surgery and there is no better way to do that than PleuraFlow.”

Jill Ley, RN, MS, CNS
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cardiac Surgery
California Pacific Medical Center
Clinical Professor, UCSF