EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR: Evidence-Based Strategy in the Prevention of Complications due to Retained Blood

An Educational Webinar with Presenters: Marc Gillinov, MD, Marc Gerdisch, MD, and Alyson Mehringer, RN discussing the basic principles of Chest Tube Management, the results of a 1 year quality improvement study and the operational perspective from the ICU Nursing Staff.



PleuraFlow Inventor Speaks at Cardiovascular Surgical Symposium

Zürs, Austria – Edward M. Boyle, MD, the inventor of PleuraFlow and founder and CEO of Clear Catheter Systems spoke at the 31st annual Cardiovascular Surgical Symposium in Zürs, Austria, on March 8th. This is a premier gathering of many of Europe’s top heart surgeons in an interactive setting to promote exchange of ideas and updates on the use and development of new technologies.  In his presentation, “New Approaches to Prevent Retained Blood Complex after Heart Surgery,” Dr. Boyle discussed the most up-to-date research on Retained Blood Complex (RBC), and the impact of PleuraFlow Active Clearance Technology  and PROACT programs.

“It was evident that RBC plays a significant role in cardiac surgery care, as there was considerable interest in the clinical aspects of preventing cardio respiratory compromise, as well as the link between RBC and effusions.,” said Dr. Boyle.    Attendees engaged during a question-answer session about how PROACT and PleuraFlow ACT might reduce the occurrence of these complications, improve patient outcomes, and decrease hospital readmissions and healthcare costs.