WEBINAR REPLAY: "Chest Tube Management in Cardiac Surgery" | ERAS Cardiac Society Webinar in collaboration with CTSNet

Key speakers Marc Gillinov, MD, Jurij M. Kalisnik, MD, and Lenard Conradi, MD discuss the clinical implications of retained blood, current strategies in chest tube management, and the benefits of posterior pericardiotomy.
Webinar moderated by Kevin Lobdell, MD, and Marc Gerdisch, MD.



PleuraFlow® Featured in AATS ICU of the Future

Bend, Oregon – May 5, 2011 – Clear Catheter Systems, Inc., today announced that the PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System will be featured in the “ICU of the Future” exhibit at the annual American Association of Thoracic Surgery Meeting in Philadelphia. New for 2011, the ICU of the Future allows AATS surgeon members to view first hand what the future holds for cardiothoracic critical care. The PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System will be featured along with a wide range state-of-the-art technologies that advance the standard of care in the ICU. Chest tubes are used after every heart and lung procedure. The PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System is a novel chest tube clearance accessory developed to maintain chest tube patency after heart and lung surgery. Clogging of a chest tube with a clot in the setting of continued postoperative drainage can contribute to impaired patient outcomes and increased costs of care. Chest tube clearance with the PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System is achieved by advancing the specially designed clearance member back and forth within the chest tube under sterile conditions, breaking down and pulling clots back out of the tube, thereby leaving the inner portion of the chest tube clear of any obstructing material.



About Clear Catheter Systems, Inc.

Clear Catheter Systems is a Bend, Oregon based medical device company developing an anti-clogging platform of surgical drainage devices. Its lead product is the PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System, which addresses the problem of chest tube clogging after heart and lung surgery. In addition, Clear Catheter has a pipeline of products based on its proprietary tube clearance technology to treat tube clogging in other medical market segments, including a system for the urinary catheter drainage market, the enteral feeding sector as well as systems for standard surgical drains.