EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR: Evidence-Based Strategy in the Prevention of Complications due to Retained Blood

An Educational Webinar with Presenters: Marc Gillinov, MD, Marc Gerdisch, MD, and Alyson Mehringer, RN discussing the basic principles of Chest Tube Management, the results of a 1 year quality improvement study and the operational perspective from the ICU Nursing Staff.



The PleuraFlow Active Tube Clearance System Initial Clinical Experience in Adult Cardiac Surgery

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Louis P. Perraut, Michel Pellerin, Michel Carrier, Raymond Cartier, Denis Bouchard, Philippe Demers, Edward M. Boyle. Innovations 2012; 7(5):354-358

This initial clincial experience found found that the PleuraFlow system was easily incorporated into the postoperative workflow of managing the drainage of patients after heart surgery. The PleuraFlow system was easily understood by the nurses in the ICU and the use of the device was obvious to learn, efficient, and effective.

“PleuraFlow may be useful to allow caregivers to be certain that chest tubes are functioning in the early hours after surgery, when active bleeding is resolving and when complications from undrained blood can ensue.”